Jumping Jack Force 24/12V portable charger and jump starter


Feel the true Force of Jumping Jack! Offering both 24V and 12V jump start capability, the brand-new Jumping Jack Force is all you will need, from motorbikes to cars, Motorhomes and even HGV’s, the Jumping Jack Force will make sure you are never left without power. When most 24v jump starters are heavy, bulky, difficult to use and not to mention expensive, the Force gives you a simple, easy to use, easy to store and easy to carry solution when a flat battery strikes.

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This Portable 24v Jump starter comes complete with a colossal 24000mAh battery, meaning that it is powerful enough to Jump start up to 11000cc diesel engines. Each unit comes with 24/12V Smart Start Jump Cables, making sure you have added security against Surges, over charge and reverse- Polarity. As well as providing power for jump starting, The Force is also the perfect portable power pack, with two built-in USB outlets (5v/1A, 5v/2.1A) and a cigarette charger port you can have power when you need it most. As standard, each unit comes with a set of 4 in 1 cables, these handy cables connect directly to the USB port and have connections for Micro USB, Mini USB, Lighting Cable and 30 Pin devices, the perfect tool for keeping all your gadgets charged up. The cigarette charger port also allows use of compressors or portable lights etc. The size of the battery means that you can get up to 12 full charges of the average phone and up to 15 jump starts, making it perfect for long trips on the road, camping or in a motorhome.

The Force comes complete with two powerful torch lights. One of these located at the front of the unit and one on the side. These torches work perfect in situations that need a little bit more light and with the side torches ability to alternate between different modes (solid, flashing red and SOS) it can act as the perfect roadside safety light for those dark nights.

With its small body shape, incredibly light weight and handy carry handle, the Force is the perfect on the road companion for commercial or domestic user. If you need portable power and the reassurance of jump starting when and wherever you are, look no further than the Jumping Jack Force.

Dimensions 20 x 16.5 x 9 cm
Key Benefits: 24V and 12V jump start ability making the Force the most Powerful in the range
Charge Phone: Up to 12 charges
Charge Tablet: Up to 6 charges
Charge Laptop: N/A
Jumpstart Car: Up to 15+ jump starts
Type of Engine: Up to 11000cc engines
Number of USB Ports: 2
Light: 2, each with 3 different settings
Capacity: 24000mAh
Output: 12V and 24V Jump Start, 5V/2.1A, 5V/1A, Cigarette Charging Port
Start Current: 12V/300A, 24V/400A
Peak Current: 12V/600A, 24V/800A
Dimensions: 200x164x90mm
Weight: 1500g
Life Time: 1000 Charge Cycles